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Real Talk on Godtalk is a podcast for people who skip church for Brunch on Sundays. Every other week Yaya and Truth help you to find the spiritual in everyday life. In each episode YaYa and Truth blurr the lines between the secular and sacred with real talk on God, life, love, politics, sex, and pop culture. They ask the real questions about Spirituality and religion and the answers are yours to find.

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Dec 4, 2018

On this week’s episode, in God & The World,  YaYa and TRUTH try to make sense of the killing of an American Christian missionary by the Indigenous peoples he had hoped to convert. The duo  then shifts gears to talk all about the joys and perils of Christmas shopping by answering the real talk question: ‘on a scale of broke to 10 how much are we into Christmas shopping this year?’ . They end by announcing  the winner of the Real Talk on Godtalk swag give away, before heading into the moon reading and community pastoral care segments.


Note: For the sake of transparency we want to clarify two of YaYa’s statements during the show. During God and the World YaYa implies that John Chau was white. While he may( or may not) be racially ‘ white’, what YaYa was referring to was a history of  Christian religious imperialism propagated in the name of White Supremacy. Also during the moon reading, YaYa quotes an Instagram post she had briefly encountered  without giving its original creator due credit (we were unable to find and cite the author, but if you find them please give us a heads up)